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 Services Offered

Sound Pros is a full service support company which is familiar with all aspects of music production and professional sound.

Our work falls focusing on repair of PA and stage sound equipment, recording studio equipment, club sound equipment and musician amplifiers and effects. At the present time we do not repair keyboards due to the lack of parts sources which will ship to Russia.

We work directly with clubs, venues, theaters, musicians and studios in addition to working with retail music stores and rehearsal studios who act as agents for drop off and deliver equipment for repair. We are experienced in all forms of electronics so prices for vacuum tube, solid-state, Radio Frequency and logic is the same low rate of 500Rubles an hour. We charge a lower rate because we have a low overhead and quite simply, have the experience in diagnostic combined with advanced precision test instruments means repairs are easier for us to complete than typical shops in the region.

We can travel to a venue to work on systems that can’t be worked on effectively in the shop, but advance notice is required. Sometimes a problem is not easily identified by the owner as what in a large system is the defective item of equipment. We can quickly determine the faulty unit and remove it for proper repair at the shop, and return to re-install it when the repair is completed. Sound Pros can be called upon to consult with venue or club owners for system planning or sound measurement and analysis.

Wireless systems are common in stage and theater work yet very few shops have the needed test instruments to work with RF systems. Sound Pros has precision frequency standards, RF modulation analyzers, spectrum analyzers which are required for correct repair and calibration of RF systems.

Hobbyists or designers bring their newly built equipment to Sound Pros for analysis where they can learn of the operating parameters of their equipment. Sound Pros has ultra low distortion audio signal generators and distortion analyzers, lab quality meters for current, voltage, frequency, time and 4 wire measurement of resistance, all to 1 part in a million accuracy and resolution