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 About Sound Pros...

Sound Pros is unique in Russia, a small service company whose main technician is a foreigner who has 47 years of high level experience in pro audio and recording. The business was started because many friends have asked my assistance in repairing their club, studio and musician equipment.

The home hobby lab developed into a repair facility like none other in the region. The owners are Stan and Valentina, where Stan handles technical matters and Valentina is accountant and customer service.

We created the business with a simple philosophy; to provide the best possible technical services and customer service, and deliver it at a low price at high technical standards. We warranty our work, and create honest accurate estimates. We are different from any other shop in Russia, by having unique experience in recording some of the most popular albums of the 70, 80s and early 90s, working with artists that are well known world-wide, plus having a solid background in repair of pro audio. Stan created one of the largest pro audio service facilities in the US, and won many industry awards for superior technical and business standards. Either of this features would unique on their own but combined where average musicians and small studios and clubs can have an adviser and technical resource, for a modest price, that would otherwise simply be unavailable.

The most important, and difficult portion of a repair is the diagnosis to determine the precise defect and causes. It is a detective process that is not done well by many, most, technicians. Stan has been sought out for advice because of recognized superior diagnostic skills, by major stars, well known manufacturers and publications.

One element of effective diagnosis is having accurate, reliable data. The only way to obtain that essential data is with precision quality lab test instruments. Sound Pros prides itself in having precision lab quality test instruments made by Tektronix, Hewlett Packard/Aligent, Sound Technology, Fluke Lab division, Motorola Systems, Fairchild, Philips, etc.